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Tips for understanding this menu

* All Pricing is Gender Neutral

+ Some prices fluctuate based on extra time and/or product 

*Services are customizable for any budget: this is a general guideline

*Quotes cannot be given without a proper consult

*Any services that require a wash include a scalp massage

Basic/Creative Color

Roots and Style 115+

(90 minutes)

Full Color and cut 145+

(120 minutes)

XL Color and/or bigger cut 175+

(150 minutes)

Basic Foils and cut 185+

(150 minutes)

XL foils and cut 225+

(180 Minutes)

Add on shadow root or melt 25+

Olaplex add on 25+


Clipper Cut 30

(30 minutes)

Short Haircut 50+

(45 minutes)

Long Haircut 60+

(60 minutes)

Big Change/XL cut 75+

(75 minutes)

Outside the box Color

Half Day overhaul 375+

(4.5 hours)

*This is for those 1-2x year folx or for big changes that require a double process

Full Day overhaul or Color Correction


(7 hours)

*These services are by consultation only and require a deposit to book


Wash and Style 45+

(45 minutes)

Quick Curl 30

(arrive with clean and dry hair)

Upstyling 90+

(By consultation only)

Mask/Treatment add on 20+

(15 minutes)

Teach Me

125 (90 minutes)

Have you ever said "How come i can never make it look the way you do?"

Well Now you can!

This is a 1:1 appointment to teach you hands-on how to achieve the looks you want. It includes product and tool  knowledge and a $25 product credit 


Touch your fave hair to get in touch

(See what I did there?)

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