Kelsea Oliver

Some of you may not recognize this face which means you haven't had the pleasure of having the best scalp massage ever!


Kelsea is our salon sidekick aka Coordinator and keeps everything clean and stocked to run smoothly for the week ahead. Kelsea has been with us since the Fall of 2019 and we hope to keep her forever because she is such a gem. Kelsea is very quiet; not to be confused with shy because she is actually very outgoing, she just speaks with purpose and is wise beyond her years.


Kelsea loves to get her hands in a good head of hair and is often found assisting Katrina with color applications, shampoo/scalp massages and does the most beautiful blowouts and styling.  And to answer your next question, No, she is not going to school to be a stylist, she is still in highschool but has an incredible natural talent that we are grateful to have on our team.