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Katrina She/Her

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Contact Katrina:

Phone: 604.468.HAIR (4247)


I started in the industry over 20 years ago as an assistant and this June will mark my 14th year as a Salon Owner! I decided to open my own shop with the goal of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for myself, my team and my clients. I am committed to growth in both my personal and professional life and being self employed has allowed me the opportunity to involve myself in the community and give back where I live and beyond. I am very proud to have been chosen to serve 2 terms on the Port Coquitlam Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable; Acknowledging my privilege and using it for the greater good is something that I remain passionate about.

I define success as waking up every day, to show up and do what I love, while making a difference and after a close call in 2020 I am even more keenly aware of how important it is to live a life you can have reverence for.

As a (former) KM Educator, I had the opportunity to share some really incredible experiences and travel with some of the industry’s loveliest and most talented humans. Although that is no longer my reality, I remain excited about education and totally nerd out on things like product ingredients and spreadsheets. I also get pretty jazzed about recycling/upcycling; We have diverted over 4000 pounds of our waste from landfills over the past decade through the Green Circle Program.

I work with all hair types and lengths and have a very diverse clientele. When I am behind the chair you will find me doing a lot of creative coloring and enhancing the textures and color your Mama gave ya.  I love creating low maintenance looks and also appreciate a challenging color correction or exciting vivids. You will not find me doing bleachouts nor perms; I will never take on something that is not within my strengths but will always help you find someone who can! My ability to take on new clients is limited and sort of ebbs and flows so don’t hesitate to connect through the New Client link above and see if it aligns for us.

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