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We are Growing

We currently have opportunities for employment or chair rental for Stylists/Barbers


We have an open space and an open mind to create a home for a Nail or Lash tech to grow their business with us!


Over the past 14 years of business, we have had many different set ups within the shop. We currently offer only hair services and a large area of retail including some local artisan wares.  But throughout our journey we have incorporated Aesthetics, laser and massage therapies as well. We are very fortunate to have an open space that allows us to adapt to different possibilities.

I am currently excited about the idea of having something different in our space. Perhaps a nail artist or maybe a lash technician or aesthetician? Maybe there is someone out there who has a brilliant business but needs the space to operate. I know that our clients would love to take advantage of additional services and I am open to all opportunities.  If you know someone looking for space, or maybe you have some outside the box ideas for us, reach out!

Great things can be designed

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