Our COVID-19 Protocols

You will be required to do a health check before your appointment - If you have ANY symptoms of illness, are awaiting Covid test results, have been in contact with someone with symptoms; OR if you have traveled or been in contact with anyone who has traveled in the past 14 days, please reschedule.


Have your mask ON when entering and for the ENTIRE duration of your appointment - If you need a break, please step outside.


Your mask must loop around the ears and cannot tie around your head.  It can be hand made or the disposable type as long as it is clean (Reusable) or new (disposable).  We have disposable masks available to you for a small fee.


Please sanitize your hands.


Please be on time for your appointment. It is okay and encouraged to be a few minutes early but please wait in the hallway until your stylist waves you in.


Please only bring what you need.  We will not have coat racks available but we do have a small (14x10x10) bin to put your stuff in that will be sanitized between clients


Please come to appointments alone. If you need to accompany a loved one, please speak with your stylist IN ADVANCE about the best time to book for us to accommodate this as we have capacity limits.