Sharing is caring;
Except when it's Germs



We are working on a plan to slowly eliminate masks but for now, we ask that you remember that everyone has different comfort levels at this time and we want to ensure that we are providing a safe and inclusive environment for all.


We are still sanitizing our stations and washing our hands between clients. We are also regularly cleaning high touch areas as well as wearing masks and staying home if we have any symptoms of illness.


  • We ask that you PLEASE do not come in if you or anyone in your household/recent contacts have ANY symptoms of ANY illness including but not limited to Covid or if you or any of your household/contacts have been told to isolate or monitor for symptoms


  • Please wear a mask (properly over your mouth and nose) for the entire duration of your time in the shop. Try to avoid masks with bulky loops as they tend to get in the way


  • Sanitize your hands upon entering


  • Please put your bag or purse in the bin provided at the station and hang your jacket on one of the coat racks

  • Please feel free to bring a drink or a snack with you as long as you respect those around you by putting your mask back up when you're done


  • You are welcome to use the bathroom if you need to, there are basic instructions on the counter and we ask that you please follow them to ensure sanitized surfaces for the next person

Thank you for continuing to support us and for your cooperation to keep our shop a comfortable space for everyone!