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Steph She/Her

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Stephanie started in the industry back in 2004 and is a full hair ceremonialist offering blowouts, colour services, haircuts and hair rituals! Stephanie’s empathetic gifts allow her to tap into energies to help her clients release stagnant energies that may be trapped; writhing their physical, emotional and energetic bodies as well as receiving new higher vibrational energies to assist in their future. 

She may use tuning forks, and essential oils for your shampoo and scalp massage and you can also book a private hair ritual service or add a ritual on to any service. 

Stephanie will also be teaching her modalities to other stylists to help them bring more ritual into their work spaces! If this is something that speaks to you, please reach out or stay tuned for more information. 


Her intention is to cultivate a safe space for people to be nurtured in a more ritualistic way.

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